Tips for Marketing a Content Website

Here are some things you can do to help market a content website: Have great content.  Nothing keeps people coming back for more than great content.  Also, search engines love updated and new content. Social Media Presence.  Set up social media pages for your website, especially Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and if possible, set up your website to automatically post to each of them every time you add content.  Set… Read More »

Is it ethical to charge for services not rendered?

HostDime and Regus would say it’s fine to charge you for services you never used, sternly standing behind the fine print in the contract you signed. But is it ethical and fair? As some of my readers discovered, HostDime and Regus don’t care if you were in the hospital for surgery, got in a car accident, or your business failed.  You agreed to a contract.  And if you never used… Read More »

Should We Focus on Marketing to New Customers or Loyal Customers?

Angela Prilliman posted an interesting question on American Express’s OPEN Forum: As a small business owner, the majority of your marketing and advertising budget should be focused on who: New customers or loyal customers? We know that there should be a balance of customer acquisition and customer retention marketing efforts, since both are important. But which way do you lean and why? Which brings you the most revenue? Although I… Read More »

Perhaps We Need a New Type of Business: Social Associations (S.A.)

Most businesses are governed by their owners or investors.  This seems fair, considering the owners and investors are putting their efforts, livelihood and money on the line, especially when first founding the business.  But having the business only governed by its owners and investors often leads to decisions that raise the profits for the investors, but are not as good for the customers, employees or the general public. To counteract… Read More »

Self-Censorship and Anonymity

One thing that has always been great about the internet is the ability to be anonymous.  It allows us to be ourselves, sharing the most intimate moments of ourselves, both the good and the bad parts.  Some people were willing to share life enriching advice and share experiences with complete strangers because they were anonymous, while others decided to let their true, dark colors shine through by being a jerk… Read More »

What if we Turned Internet Sales Tax on its Head?

While no one really likes taxes, except perhaps the government, we are coming to a point where internet retailers are going to have to collect some form of sales tax.  With the pressure from the government, eventually it is going to happen. The Problem with the Current System The problem is that there are 50 different states with 50 different sales tax schemes and rate schedules, and the states can… Read More »

YouTube Comments & Google+ Integration Causes Controversy

Google now requires YouTube users to have a Google+ account in order to post comments.  The change has been so controversial that some discussions about the change have been so heated that people are resorting to four letter words. One YouTube user even created a song telling Google what they think of Google+ [NSFW] (posted under her real name), while a social media professional responded by calling people names for wanting… Read More »

Things Needed to Create a Great Website

When creating a website, it is important that you have all the necessary components for it to be successful, and it involves more than just the building of the website itself.  From strategy, to building, to marketing, to monetization, and beyond. In this article we will go over what things you will need to consider and incorporate into your plan.  First I will list each in a bullet list, and… Read More »

Knowledge Management Must Be Responsive & Planned

As a follow up to my previous post, Knowledge Management is Organization Directed, Not Management Directed, I talked about how a knowledge management team’s priorities should be directed by the organization rather than solely by management.  In this post I wanted to expand upon that and explain the same concept in another way. In many ways, knowledge management is like an internal customer support team, who caters to the employees… Read More »

Knowledge Management is Organization Directed, Not Management Directed

While most departments report directly to management and cater to their own constituents, one thing that is unique about knowledge management is that the knowledge management team must cater to the entire organization, not just one constituency.  This is especially pronounced when you compare how knowledge management should operate compared to the development team. Since the development team works on larger projects that take more resources, it makes sense that… Read More »