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If the States Regulate ISPs, Shouldn’t We Talk to Them about Net Neutrality?

I found an interesting tidbit on the FCC website about the regulation of the internet.  It says: The FCC does not regulate the Internet or Internet Service Providers (ISPs). You may contact your state consumer protection office…. If that is the case, why are we contacting the FCC and the federal government about Net Neutrality, when the power to regulate it is already in the hands of the states we… Read More »

Why “Internet Fast Lanes” are B.S.: Users Create Traffic, Not Content Providers

In the current Net Neutrality debate, cable companies and internet service providers are claiming that they deserve more money from Netflix and YouTube and other content providers because they supposedly “create” the most traffic on their networks.  But that is simply not true. Do you know who really creates the most traffic on the internet?  The end users requesting content and visiting websites. Think about it.  Netflix and YouTube only send… Read More »

The Dangers of the U.S. Marketplace Fairness Act & E.U. 13th VAT Directive

As governments get more strapped for cash, they seek out new ways to get revenue.  Unfortunately the laws they have on the books are not suitable for taxation of internet commerce. There are several government initiatives to redress that, such as the Marketplace Fairness Act in the U.S., being considered now in Congress, and the Thirteenth VAT Directive already on the books at the EU. The problem with these laws… Read More »

Can I Pay Bloggers and is Disclosure Required?

Yes, it is okay to pay bloggers, but depending on what they are blogging about and what jurisdiction they are in, there may be some disclosure requirements. For example, if you are asking them to review or write positive things about a company, product or service and pay them, some jurisdictions require that it be disclosed that it is a paid advertisement or otherwise indicate that the article was sponsored… Read More »

What if we Turned Internet Sales Tax on its Head?

While no one really likes taxes, except perhaps the government, we are coming to a point where internet retailers are going to have to collect some form of sales tax.  With the pressure from the government, eventually it is going to happen. The Problem with the Current System The problem is that there are 50 different states with 50 different sales tax schemes and rate schedules, and the states can… Read More »