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Why is socialism appealing to some when it has constantly failed?

What is interesting is that pure socialism and communism has failed everywhere it has been attempted, but so has pure capitalism. Most large modern countries today are hybrids, with a combination of capitalist and socialist principles. Some countries lean more one way or the other, but none are pure socialist or pure capitalist.  And that’s a good thing. Socialism appeals to the compassion and desire to help their fellow man,… Read More »

Why Trickle Down Economics No Longer Works

There used to be this theory that if you poured money into the top of the economy, through loans, tax cuts, and direct investment, the money would trickle down to the bottom of the economy, to the workers, the stay-at home moms, and the children. While there are arguments about whether or not that theory was ever effective, in today’s economy it simply cannot work as the only way to… Read More »