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Do you waste your vote if you vote for a third party candidate?

No, it is not a wasted vote for many reasons: 1. It Influences the Major Parties It lets politicians and political parties know which way the electorate is leaning. Part of the reason why Democrats and Republicans are able to maintain a two party system is because they are so broad in their base. If they see some of their voters are straying from the party, they will adjust their… Read More »

Why should I vote for president if I don’t live in a swing state?

There are several reasons why you should vote: There are local officials being elected in the same election, and these officials affect you as much, if not more than the President would. You might not be able to get the President you want, but maybe you can get the Governor, Mayor or Sheriff you want. Even if your candidate doesn’t win the election, political parties note who is voting and… Read More »