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As an employee of a start-up, what are the signs that we are about to be acquired?

Some signs include: A sudden shift in priorities to things that make the numbers look good, especially the financial numbers.  Suddenly efficiency, revenue and profit become the number one priority, while everything else gets neglected.  They are trying to make the company more appealing for a buyout. The owners or founders of the company suddenly take less interest in running the company and let their lieutenants run it for them. … Read More »

Perhaps We Need a New Type of Business: Social Associations (S.A.)

Most businesses are governed by their owners or investors.  This seems fair, considering the owners and investors are putting their efforts, livelihood and money on the line, especially when first founding the business.  But having the business only governed by its owners and investors often leads to decisions that raise the profits for the investors, but are not as good for the customers, employees or the general public. To counteract… Read More »