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Tejan Ausland is an author and ghost writer, with years of experience in both creative and technical writing.

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Why Trickle Down Economics No Longer Works

There used to be this theory that if you poured money into the top of the economy, through loans, tax cuts, and direct investment, the money would trickle down to the bottom of the economy, to the workers, the stay-at home moms, and the children. While there are arguments about whether or not that theory was ever effective, in today’s economy it simply cannot work as the only way to… Read More »

If You Want to Link to Rackspace, Don’t Visit Their Website

I had an interesting experience this morning while researching Rackspace for an article.  Apparently if you go to their website, you automatically agree to a whole set of terms of use, including provisions that state that you can only link to their home page, and that you are prohibited from using their logo. Now, come on.  I know that it is in the best interest of any corporation to protect… Read More »

Is it ethical to charge for services not rendered?

HostDime and Regus would say it’s fine to charge you for services you never used, sternly standing behind the fine print in the contract you signed. But is it ethical and fair? As some of my readers discovered, HostDime and Regus don’t care if you were in the hospital for surgery, got in a car accident, or your business failed.  You agreed to a contract.  And if you never used… Read More »

Self-Censorship and Anonymity

One thing that has always been great about the internet is the ability to be anonymous.  It allows us to be ourselves, sharing the most intimate moments of ourselves, both the good and the bad parts.  Some people were willing to share life enriching advice and share experiences with complete strangers because they were anonymous, while others decided to let their true, dark colors shine through by being a jerk… Read More »